Rabbit Information

Below is some information provided by The Rabbit Welfare Association

Hutches can never be too big, make sure yours is no smaller than 6ft x 2ft x 2ft.  It is unlikely you will find anything suitable in a pet shop,  they tend to be mass produced, low in quality and too small. Try online instead.

Stick to a natural based diet; unlimited hay/grass and smaller quantities of greens and rabbit food.

Allow your rabbits the chance to run and dig every day.

Rabbits should never be kept alone.

Rabbits should be neutered and vaccinated.

Always see a vet if you think your rabbit is unwell. 

For more information visit their website:-


This 6ft x 4ft x 2ft double hutch is from The Rabbit Hutch Shop.  It is well made, very spacious and has fox and rodent proof wire so is secure.  Their website is www.the-rabbit-hutch-shop.com I attach an exercise run to the front of this so that the bunnies can choose to exercise whenever they like.  You can also allow free range of the garden but close supervision is required due to foxes, birds of prey, cats and plants that may be poisonous to rabbits.  

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