Avaliable For Adoption 


This is Poppy, a female lionhead cross rabbit who is approximately 1 year old.  She was named Poppy by the lovely people who found her as a stray in a poppy field. They could not keep her because they have 4 rescue greyhounds, 2 of which are ex-racers!!  She is quite shy and timid, I have no idea why she ended up as a stray, but such a lovely rabbit.  Poppy will be spayed soon and will then be looking for a new home, preferably with a neutered male.


Male rabbit, approximately 18 weeks old.  He arrived with mites and urine scalding.  He had lived in a small cardboard box for 3 months with no bedding or water and was never cleaned out.  He was brought to Jack Rabbits by a kind soul who removed him from the cruelty he was suffering.  Despite this he is an extremely friendly rabbit who craves attention and he has the bluest eyes!  He will be staying here until he is old enough to be neutered and then rehomed somewhere where he can have a little friend to run about with.

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