Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit was a rescue rabbit from Rescue Range in Newport.  Wendy Powell runs the rescue and has since become a firm friend and inspiration to me.  Jack had been used for breeding all his life, kept as a lone animal in a small space and once the breeder gave up breeding she stopped paying his vets bills. He arrived at Rescue Range  depressed with claws so overgrown they had curled under and penetrated his feet, muscle wastage and lice and eggs in his ears. Eventually, after treatment and neutering he was a lot happier. He was the most friendly, cuddly rabbit I have ever known. He was only with us for three months before he died but at least he knew happiness in that brief time. Jack inspired me to follow in Wendys footsteps and rescue more rabbits, giving them a second chance at life like he had.  I will do all I can for animals in memory of him and Kato, another treasured bunny.


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