Adoption Information

Rabbits are not suitable pets for everyone, it takes a lot of work and research to look after them correctly.  They are certainly not a childrens pet.  I would encourage anyone wanting to adopt a rabbit to consider the responsibility carefully, it can be a 10 year commitment in many cases.

Before adoption I would either do a home check or ask for photographic evidence of suitable living quarters.  There is no legal minimum size for a rabbit hutch, but the Animal Welfare Act makes it a legal obligation for owners to provide for the needs of their pets, including somewhere suitable to live, the ability to express normal behaviour and being housed with (or apart from) other animals.  In order to express normal behavoiour hutches should be a minimum of 6ft by 2ft with space to exercise every day.

If you already have a rabbit and want to adopt a companion I can help with bonding.  Rabbits should never just be put in the same hutch together and left to their own devices.  They are territorial animals and fighting is almost certain if you do not bond them correctly.  I will always advise keeping pairs of rabbits.  Keeping a single rabbit is cruel unless it is a house rabbit with human company all day.

 If you are willing to provide a rabbit here with what they need to be happy and healthy please get in touch.


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