Happy Endings


These two cuties were dumped in a cardboard box outside a vets in freezing weather.  They now live at Jack Rabbits permanently, are called Fred (right) and Ginger (left) and have a friend called Monkey. 


Samson (formerly known as Tallulah) was dumped at Newport Dog Pound and has skin mites and wounds on his ears from fighting with his male companion (the fact that he was actually a male explains it). He now lives with a lovely lady called Gemma.  He has the run of her garden when she is at home and a spacious hutch and permanent run attached.  She is such a patient person and has already made great progress and gained his trust.


May (left) was an unwanted rabbit whose young owner had grown bored of her.  Dylan (right) was rescued from poor conditions.  He lived in a tiny hutch and was never cleaned out, allowed exercise or given any attention.  They now live happily ever after here at Jack Rabbits. 

Watch This Space..... 

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